Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Twelve by 2012 recap

So we are officially well into 2012, did I achieve the 12 goals set for  twelve by 2012 
Well, lets see...

1. Start an imagined travel series 
Not exactly a series, but I have started and the idea is more refine now which I am happy about. See the first of the series  here .

2. Finish my crochet cushion cover  
Yay! I even made a fabric one to accompany my new crochet cushion. See  here .

3. Add more paintings and crafty goodness to my  shop 
A bit of a fail here, but one new item is better than none right?

4. Sell at least one item in my  shop 
Woohoo! Had my first customer on Christmas eve, he bought the tea towel within 30min of me putting it up in the shop!

5. Get back into dressmaking
Sort of, I am in the middle of finishing a dress, will show and tell soon.

6. Make more jam
Nope, no jam making unfortunately. Will need to make some by the end of this month.

7. Bake more
I have made the ugliest but tasty  choc chip cookies , meringue, super moorish poprcorn crunch using this  recipe  and a few ultra delicious veggie quiche. This is quite an achievement for someone who used to bake once a year. 

8. Try making macaroons 
Failed, see  here . Will need to try again very soon.

9. Finish reading all my magazines
No, not really. Only finish reading 2 Frankie magazines, still have a stash to go through.

10. Take a road trip  
We took a trip to  Barrington Tops  for my 31st birthday, visited  Watsons Bay  for the first time and went bush walking around Berry Island Reserve.

11. Do something unexpected for someone
I'm not sure whether I have achieved this goal, hopefully I had put a smile on someone's face this last couple of months.

12. Make at least one new friend
I'm glad to say I have made a couple of really good blog buddies and met a few new friends from Brown Owls. I look forward to developing these friendships this year.


  1. happy new year

  2. Well done Carmen, and happy 2012!

  3. Yayyy! I think you completed waaay more than I did, Carmen! It's so fun to see your progress on these things!


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