Monday, October 31, 2011

Road trip - Barrington Tops

We took a road trip to Barrington Tops for my 31st birthday celebration. For anyone who have never been, I would say pack your bags now! It was the most magical place I have ever been, we were greeted by friendly animals everywhere we go. We had possums, bush turkeys, bower bird and parrots knocking on our window each morning, visitations by the too curious neighbourhood pony, horses and rock wallabies. We even made a life long friend with one of the wallabies and her baby as evident above. Be ready for my image heavy post :)

We are already planning on our next return trip. Can't wait to see my animal friends again.

Goal 10 of Twelve by 2012 complete, 11 more to go.


  1. looks like i need to make a trip there. i love that baby kanga!!

  2. Yeah he was such a curious boy, he wanted to know what's going on the whole time.

  3. A belated "HAPPEEEEEE BIRTHDAY" to you, Carmee-warmee!
    What a lovely way to turn 31! xx

  4. congrats!!! these pictures are sooo cute - i want to pet all of these furry little things :)


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