Friday, October 14, 2011

Twelve by 2012

I have been a big fan of Danni from oh, hello friend! from god knows when. When I saw this twelve by 2012 project, I couldn't help but participate. I love making lists, but never one where i actually tell people about (just in case I don't achieve them). The idea is to complete twelve goals by 2012. Sounds simple right?

1. Start an imagined travel series

2. Finish my crochet cushion cover  (Yay, I even made a fabric one to accompany my new crochet cushion, see here)

3. Add more paintings and crafty goodness to my shop

4. Sell at least one item in my shop

5. Get back into dressmaking

6. Make more jam

7. Bake more

8. Try making macaroons (Failed, see here. Will need to try again very soon)

9. Finish reading all my magazines

10. Take a road trip  (We took a trip to Barrington Tops for my 31st birthday, see here)

11. Do something unexpected for someone

12. Make at least one new friend


  1. They all sound like good things!

  2. Hi, fellow "twelver" here. Now this is spooky but I have "macaroons" on my list too! What recipe are you planning to use? All the best with everything, Lydia.

  3. 2012 is quite soon, but these do sound like you could pull them off before then. Good luck:)

    And nice blog!

  4. i really enjoyed your 12 by 2012! especially that first one -- what a great idea! i cannot wait to see it hear :D i can also relate to the road trip and sewing! good luck with it!

  5. Thank you everyone for your support! The weather is shocking today, but we are going on a road trip for the next couple of days, so number 10 nearly ticked off :) Can't wait to show everyone photos!

  6. Loving that you're crossing off things on your list already! Makes me motivated to get through mine!! Good luck with the rest :)

  7. Thanks Serena, by the way you have a super cute blog. Pretty fluffy indeed!


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