Monday, December 12, 2011

Not your average cookie

So apparently Australians have no idea about chocolate chip cookies, according to Rose from Projectville, our cookies are "really just dry, oversized biscuits with flecks of fake chocolate in them". I am no cookie connoisseur, but surely our cookies are not that bad are they?

I thought I'll give her recipe a go and see what she meant once an for all. I followed Rose's recipe to a T, only replacing dark chocolate with white. The result was pretty damn good, the ugliest cookies I have ever made but they made up for it by being extra tasty. They are really rich, so you can easily be satisfied with just one cookie. 

Maybe there is some truth in her outburst. Click  here  to Rose's chocolate chip recipe and see what you think. 


  1. ;) Glad they worked out. I'm not giving up on Australia, though! I'll keep on trying them if they keep baking them. :)

  2. No way! I'm an Aussie and the cookies I grew up with were perfectly moist and awesome! :)

  3. Oh yum yum yum! These look like the perfect snack with a cup of coffee! I've also heard rumours about the dry Aussie biccies but I have never met a bicci I didn't like :)

  4. The cookies I made were really delicious, they were even better the next day. But really, there is nothing wrong with the Aussie version, I can munch down one right now :)

  5. I've never noticed that Australian cookies are bad... but then again, I tend to make my own at home! I love collecting recipes this time of year, so I'll be sure to file this one away!

    So much fun to stumble across your blog!

    Catherine @ The Spring (in Brisbane)

  6. the biscuits sold in cafes are usually horrendous. very dry and displeasing. is that what this critic meant? but i think on the whole aussies cook great biscuits in their home kitchens. by the look of it, i think yours spread a bit much in cooking. did you freeze them? (recipe link wont open for me so can't find out if recipe specific to refrigerate before baking).

  7. I think she was referring to cookies from bakeries. I'm not a cookie connoisseur so all cookies are usually fine by me :) Here is the link to the recipe It didn't say to freeze them, but maybe that's what I should have done...

    It turned out great anyway, so I'm not complaining :) Let me know how you girls went if you are giving this recipe a go.


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