Monday, December 19, 2011

Arcade screen printing class

Mat and I went to a screen printing class at  Arcade Screen Printing  on the weekend. It was a belated birthday present for Mat, but since I couldn't resist the opportunity to do some screen printing of my own, I enrolled as well. The course was aimed at people who have never screen printed before as well as people who want a refresher course on the craft. We were given the choice to print our design on either a t-shirt or a tea towel, and I guess anything else to your heart's desire. It was so much fun! We are now officially addicted and are already talking about setting up a print studio of our own.

Making sure the design fits within the tea towel.

Getting ready for my first print.

Mat's t-shirt. That's right, he made a t-shirt design on Miso, look out for a Miso appreciation club in the near future.

 Happy camper. This is going to be the first of my Imagined Travels series. I will be putting it on my 
 etsy shop  in the next couple of days. There will be an extremely limited amount of tea towels available. So get it before it is too late.


  1. Oh I've always wanted to do screen printing! Looks like so much fun, and I love the design you've done. :-)

  2. Thanks Talia, it was so much fun, I would highly recommend it to anyone. I even bought a screen after the class, just need to find somewhere to start my own little studio now :)

  3. Wow that class looks so fun! I love art but I'm not sure I could do screenprinting.

  4. Lovely blog, like it !!!!

  5. Ooh fab..I have some screen printing plans over my holidays. A friend gave me a whole HEAP of stuff that she was going throw out. Big score for me about 8 screens, inks, squeegees and even a 4 position carousel. Such a shame you are in Sydney you could have come and hung out with me and screen printed as much as you wanted. :-(

  6. That's it, I'm moving to Melbourne so I can come screen print with you Leslie. I only live in an apartment, so there is not really anywhere for me to screen print. Mum and dad are overseas at the moment, but hopefully they will let me take over their garage when they come back.

    Those carousels are super expensive! I can't believe she was throwing it away. What are you going to print over the holidays? It's so exciting isn't it?

  7. It is very exciting thinking of new projects...I love it. I am thinking of doing something so I can make some new cushions for my living room. I am kinda obsessed with mountains and triangle shapes (a post coming soon I think on my blog) so I might do something along those lines. See where the ink and screens take me!!
    Oh and fingers crossed on the garage take over!

  8. this is so cool! you two are such a talented couple! will we be seeing more screen prints in your shop now? the tea towel looks absolutely fabulous!

  9. I'd like to produce more screen prints in the near future. Just need to work out where I can screen print from. There's talk about turning our spare bedroom into an art room, but we'll need to clear out all the junk from there first...

  10. Hey I want to buy some. Your designs are original and pretty local. I remember when I travelled to Argentina there was a lady near to the furnished apartments in buenos aires I had rented that made screen painting and her designs were typical of Argentine tradition. Yours will suit me better!


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