Friday, December 16, 2011


Look what came into the mail the other day. A  lovely package exchange  from Leslie aka  Little Letters . The idea behind this package exchange is to send your exchange buddy a present with an emphasis on pretty packaging. Our partners were picked randomly and all we were given was a list of 5 of their favourite things and 5 words describing their style. 

Well as you can tell, Leslie went all out with packaging! How beautiful is the wrapping paper, and the neon ribbon!!! It was so beautiful I didn't even want to open it. After about 5 minutes of oohing and ahhing, and with prompting by Mat, I finally opened it. I haven't felt so giddy in a long time.

And look what's in the packaging! A print by Dawn Tan, a hand printed postcard set and a pack of gift tags in the most adorable shapes! No amount of exclamation marks can describe how happy I am with the presents. 

Now I am really concern that Leslie will be disappointed by what I have planned for her...


  1. oh my lord. best present package EVER!

  2. What a wonderful idea. That packaging is seriously impressive. As are the contents! Lucky you!

  3. Aww Carmen...your are too kind and you really shouldn't worry about your package it's not what it is it's the thought that counts. I am just so glad that you liked what I sent and appreciated the packaging. I am thrilled.

  4. gosh it that lovely! the colors are so pretty and the gifts are wonderful as well!!

  5. Oh what a lovely idea! The packaging was simply fabulous! The neon ribbon has just inspired me with my Christmas presents!


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