Monday, August 29, 2011

Nearly there

The end is so close, only have some small finishing touches to do and I will be handing in the artwork to the gallery tomorrow. So excited, and yet so nervous. Don't really know what people will think of my drawing. Have never done anything on such a large scale before.

Thought I will share some of my work in progress photos with you today. Love to see what you think.

I had to put a picture of Miso and me hard at work. He was keeping watch to make sure I'm not making any silly mistakes. How thoughtful...

Luckily I wasn't stuck at home all weekend, we spent Saturday afternoon at Brooklyn for a picnic with Mat's family. This is the result of the kiddies' sugar high. A monster cupcake and peanut butter cookie combo. Notice the two types of icing holding the cupcake together. I don't think anyone was brave enough to actually eat it.

I got pretty creative food wise as well. I made waffles with berry sauce for breakfast on Sunday. How pretty does it look? Definitely Master Chef quality I'd say.


  1. On the Internet you need to write it as "Brooklyn (New South Wales)", seeing as it's the less famous Brooklyn.

  2. What's wrong with a bit of internet confusion?

  3. I just love illustrations of buildings and I hope to get started on some myself very soon. I really like the linework and colouring here!

  4. Thanks Eva! I'm only new to this, so I'm really glad that you like it.


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