Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Belated weekend post

Sorry for this belated post. I've been extremely busy the past week, didn't really have time to do any illustrations other than freelance work. Thought I'll do a photo diary instead to change the pace up a bit. So this weekend, I made a batch of custard biscuits. They were super delicious and pretty much made their way into our tummies within a day. It tasted a lot like melting moments, I was expecting more of a custard hit, but hey, who's complaining. You can get the recipe here.

Bought a wicker basket from a secondhand shop to house all my craft projects, however Miso took full ownership of it the moment I placed it down on the floor. I think I'll need to get another one specifically for him this weekend.

Here is another house item that Miso has taken ownership of. Our house seems to be filled with Miso's hair at the moment. I don't mind it much, I wonder whether he has any concern with his hair loss.

Mat made some scrumptious pizza for dinner, he experimented with a cracked egg on the pizza. It didn't cook as well as we imagined, but definitely worth a try again next time.

Started a new crochet project. I want to turn it into a table runner for our coffee table/antique wooden chest. Not sure how long it will take me since it is not even a tenth of the desire length so far. Might have to take it with me to the next Brown Owls meeting.

Took a walk to Newtown and found some super adorable paste up. I love this little chubby girl. I think we all feel like her every once in a while.

How clever is this! A cross stitch paste up! I bet it took forever to make. I'm all for crafty paste ups around the city.

Bought a mangosteen from the supermarket. I have never ever had one before. The supermarket lady assured me that it would be super delightful. Going to "unveil" it after dinner tonight. I can't wait.

Hope you guys are having a good week so far. Hopefully I'll find some time soon to post up an illustration. I have got a few project ideas developing in my head, can't wait to show you all at a later date.


  1. How was the mangosteen? What a great post. I wanna try the cracked egg on a pizza too. And that cross-stitch paste-up is tooo cute. I think I have that pattern somewhere. Or my mum has, I remember it from somewhere. I like the fat chick too. Have a good week. Hump day today, I am already reaching for the weekend.

  2. Hi Katie, the mangosteen was ok. It tasted a lot like a sour lychee. I think it would be a better fruit to eat in summer, and definitely not worth the $2. I know isn't the cross stitch paste up cute? It makes me want to join in some illegal activities too ;) Thanks for dropping by!


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