Saturday, November 17, 2012

Illustration fancy: Cactus print for Spoonflower

The print is finally complete and made it just in time to be sent off to Spoonflower for printing. It looks dramatically different from the original design. I always find the design process quite fascinating, the first option is not often the best, and sometimes an idea can lead you to a totally unexpected outcome. 

I have ordered a yard (just under a metre) of this in cotton voile. I think it will look really cute as a little summery top. I do hope the finished print will look the way I've imagined, can't wait to get it back and share it with you guys. 


  1. Super cute! Did you have much trouble getting the pattern to repeat? I was thinking of making some fabric on Spoonflower as well. I have to figure out how to do the tiling. I want to use some kitty illustrations and some book illustrations I have done.

    1. Thanks Catherine! It wasn't hard at all putting it into a pattern.In fact I quite like the process as it puts you in a different mind frame when designing. I've had a few people asking me how to put patterns into repeat before, I think I might do a mini tutorial in a future post.

      I'd love to see what you will do with your illustrations!

  2. Great idea on the tutorial, I am sure it would help a lot of people. I guess it is just like figuring out a puzzle. :)


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