Friday, November 9, 2012

Fancy adventure: Watercolour class {week 3}

Week three of watercolour class was all about seascapes. I have to admit, I wasn't at all impressed with my creation, it looked very much like a horrible art project by a primary school student. Let's hope that this was just a bad art week and things will pick up at a later stage. At the moment, I'm having a lot of troubles with building up layers and understanding the behaviours of watercolours. It would be great if someone could tell me how I can build layers without accidentally stripping colours off the page.


  1. I wouldn't be so hard on yourself! I think watercolours would be one of the trickier mediums to work with - you can't paint over your mistakes (or go command Z!).

    1. Hmm... there were a few times when I was mentally visualising Command Z. I still love watercolour, I think I was just having a bad week :) x


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