Monday, March 12, 2012

Fancy outing: Petersham Portuguese festival

There is something about street festivals that get me all giddy with excitement. On Sunday we paid a visit to the annual Portuguese festival in Petersham. We drank Sangrias like greedy school girls, gorged on food which we have never tasted before and filled our belly with custard filled pastry goodness. Hands down this is my favourite festival of the year.


  1. Oh man, that sounds lovely! I can almost smell all the food. :)

  2. YUM!Those Portuguese custard tarts are one of my favourite sweet treats of all time!

    Catherine @ The Spring

    1. Now that you live in Sydney, you should take a trip to Petersham, they have the best Portuguese tarts!

  3. nice! i would have loved to have seen this in person. portugese food = yummy :)


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