Friday, February 10, 2012

Illustration fancy: wicker basket bag

Date acquired: 05 Feb 2012
Emotional worth: 3.5 stars

Apart from clothes, I am pretty picky in terms of what I buy. Rather than going for "that will do" and replacing it at a later date, I would wait and wait until I find something that is just right. Sometimes this search for perfection would take years, it took over a year for Mat and I to find the perfect couch, 2 years for me to find the right watch and 10 years to find the perfect doctor-esque bag. It sounds excessive, but I firmly believe the hunt is usually a lot more fun than constant gathering.

I've mentioned we went to  Middle Head  last weekend, but what I didn't tell you is I found my perfect wicker bag in this little cafe/shop called  Burnt Orange . I have been searching for the right wicker bag for years, but they were always either too big, too floppy or just too gimicky. I wanted something not too small and not too big, something lightweight but sturdy, with distressed ashy colour, not the pine looking stuff you see in two dollar shop and chunky weave with a hint of that lovely wicker smell. I told you I'm picky!

Well, as you can see, I've finally found my perfect wicker bag, and I LOVE IT! Have been using it every day since, I am in love with the hint of wicker smell which reminds me of the beach, and on top of everything else I've mentioned earlier, its lovely raw heather handle and the candy stripe lining. I'm tempted to go back and get the other one with blue lining just in case I can't find another one just like it in 10 years time.

What do you do? Are you as obsessive as me in terms of finding the perfect item on your list? I'd love to find out what you do.

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  1. I am very picky as you! I do not buy anything ... I search long and hard before anything! But when I find I can not resist ...

  2. i love the emotional worth rating! so funny but so true!

  3. aw this is adorable i love it!!


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