Thursday, February 16, 2012

Illustration fancies: Camper booties

Date acquired: 02 February 2012
Emotional worth: 4 stars

Do you have a brand of shoes which you keep going back to because they are just so damn nice and comfortable? My favourite is Camper shoes, I'm not a big fan of their casual style, but every season they seem to bring out one or two designs that are filled to the brim with old school charms.

This is my latest addition, they are made from the darkest of suede with nautical inspired heels. It passed my comfort test with flying colours. I did a little dance in the shop to test out their comfort. Yes, you heard right, the only way I can tell whether I will take a pair of shoes home is by doing a little dance in the shop, sound silly, but how else will you know whether it will last a night of merry making?
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  1. Yes! Campers are the best, so comfortable. They are pretty much all I buy at this point because I cannot stand having uncomfortable shoes.

    1. Yeah I have quite a collection of them too, it's a shame that they are so pricey.


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