Wednesday, January 25, 2012

13 by Twenty Thirteen

Inspired by  12 by 2012 , I thought I'll continue on the idea and start a 13 by Twenty Thirteen project. I know I'm a bit late in terms of setting resolutions for the year, but I have been thinking extremely hard about what I want to achieve. I see some of these as mantras rather than goals. Feel free to use my logo and badge and start your own 13 by Twenty Thirteen. Love to hear what you are aiming for too.

FOCUS - no more multi-tasking, it's time to give proper attention to everything I do
BE ETHICAL - no more buying useless junk, make do with what I've got
CREATE - make do with crafty and sewing projects, the outcome will be more fulfilling
ILLUSTRATE - develop my illustration skills, launch Imagined Travels and see where it will take me
IMPROVE - give Forgotten Fancies a makeover, develop the much neglected portfolio page
APPRECIATE - stop and smell the roses, be appreciative of all the little things in my life
GIVE - time to give back, spread some love, you'll only get back what you give
CONNECT - stop being a hermit, meet new people, most of them won't bite!
TRAVEL - see Sydney, see Australia, see the world in a whole new light
EXPERIMENT - try new things, fail a little
LEARN - read more, be inquisitive, learn a new skill
SELF - be yourself, don't let anyone mould you into something you'll regret
FUN - have fun, do silly things, never grow up


  1. Ooh I wanna join in...but I am gonna have to think hard about 13 things. Eeep! I'll put my thinking cap on.

  2. A great set of goals. You should end each post with one of those and how you achieved it in recent days, or weeks.

    Ta for the comment on my post. Let me know how the slice works out.

    1. I will definitely do an update on them, what a great idea!

  3. This is really inspiring! Really loving your mantras/goals!

    1. Thanks Jen. Fingers cross that I will actually achieve them. x

  4. this is such an inspiring list, love the way you've organized them like that - i need to get around to doing something like this! kate x

    The Bowery Blog

  5. these are wonderful goals, carmen!!! best of luck!!

  6. I am in! I made a list of goals early in the year, but I have had to edit it to make it more realistic :)I had sewing and non-sewing goals, a total of 13 :)

    1. Your goals are great! Looking forward to follow your progress. x


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