Saturday, September 24, 2011

Art and about

Last night was the launch of Art and About. And like all art lovers, we made sure we didn't miss out on any wholesome arty action. First we went to Martin Place and saw Fourplay to start off the celebration. Even though I have seen them play a number of times in the past, their musical talent never ceases to amaze me.

During the show, we were given Playdoh to play with. I ended up with a little cat/dog creation, while Mat made the prerequisite Mario head. I am now convinced that Playdoh is a must in all music venue as a sideshow amusement.

We also saw Ben Walsh and his drum-minator. At one point he was going so fast I had a hard time keeping track of which drum he was hitting.

We then made a dash to the Art Gallery of NSW for the Anything Goes Cabaret. We were entertained by the ghosts of drag performers. This one was my absolute favourite. I am a sucker for all good cabarets.

We ended the night by going to the State Library for the On Sale market. There were not many stalls there but we did manage to see some pretty awesome vintage David Jones poster. They were closing for the night by the time we found the posters, but will definitely make a trip back for further examination.

We also saw the infamous wall by Barry McGee on the way to the bus stop. It was pretty impressive I thought, this photo certainly doesn't do its justice.

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