Monday, June 13, 2011

Rainy long weekend

What are you doing this long weekend? Lots of indoor activities I'd say. So far I've been crocheting a much needed scarf, doing lots of illustrations and getting into more fun and adventure with gouache. Also I've made my first batch of passionfruit curd and of course drank lots of milky tea. Now, I'm getting ready to venture into the city for some computer shopping. I've had this laptop for close to 7 years now, can you believe it? I think it's time to send this old pal to retirement and make acquaintance with a newer model. 

Happy long weekend, well what's left of it anyway.


  1. oooh sounds like you're having a good long weekend! i'm cleaning, argh, and yesterday i slept for practically the whole day, as well as the night before! maybe i should start some crafts!

  2. At least you clean! I've been meaning to clean up the house for some time, but never have the motivation to start. I'm good at hiding junk under cover :)


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