Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Melbourne adventure - part 1

Our Melbourne trip was AMAZING! We were there for a week and managed to miss most of the rain that the city is famous for. Melbourne is such an amazing place, super arty and edgy. The chilly weather must do wonders to people's creative minds. Like all holidays, it ended too quickly. But I don't mind because now I am super inspired. I've even made my first painting in over 10 years. What do you think? It is made with gouache, a medium which I've only used once or twice during my uni days many years ago. The painting is of a street scene when we first arrived in Melbourne, we were having breakfast in a laneway and I noticed this little soup stand opposite us. I love the way they keep their soup in couldrons, it is super adorable don't you think?

Like all happy people after a holiday, there is no way I can leave this post without posting some happy snaps from our travels. So here goes...

I think every designer have a thing for cool typography.

How cool is this alley way, it even smelt of spray paint.

Little creatures made out of old cans.

Mulled wine, my drink of choice during the cold weather.

Cocktail in a syringe.

How cool is this window display. For some reason I just love anything that looks medical.

We found this funky little Japanese place at the end of an alleyway in Chinatown. It reminded us so much of Tokyo.

The funkyiest hotel we've ever stayed. The Cullen is filled to the brim with artworks.

They even offer Wizz Fizz, Nerds and popcorn as part of their mini bar.


  1. great post ... love Melbourne ... I'm heading down for a winter holiday in a few weeks!!

  2. Thanks REread! Don't forget to pack lots of woolies, it's freezing down there.

  3. looks like a grand time! i have a major travel bug right now!

  4. Yeah I know what you mean Jennifer, I'm already dreaming of my next holiday :)


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