Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nocturnes - Five Stories of Music and Nightfall

Date acquired: late May 2011

Have you heard of Kazuo Ishiguro? He is definitely one of my favourite contemporary authors at the moment. I've only discovered him recently, he is the author of Never Let Me Go, which turned into a movie recently. I haven't seen the movie yet, I wanted to read the book before seeing it on screen. However, now that I've read the book, I'm not sure whether I should see the movie. I have already fallen in love with the book, surely I can't be that lucky and fall in love with the movie too. What do you think? Have you seen the movie? Would you recommend it?

Nocturnes is the second book I have of Kazuo, I bought it at a bargain price while I was in Melbourne. I have never been a big fan of short stories, but thought I'll give it a try since I was pretty impressed with Never Let Me Go. Have you read Nocturnes? I'm hoping it will be as good as NLMG. I guess I won't know until I've start reading it.

Emotional worth: 1.5 stars


  1. I really liked the book Never Let Me Go - the movie was okay - I thought the changes they made to the story didn't make sense and made me care about the characters less than in the book. I need to read more things by Ishiguro.

  2. Yeah that's what I'm afraid of. I'll let you know if Nocturnes is any good.


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