Saturday, September 29, 2012

Google, you disappoint me

I woke up this morning and found all the pictures form my blog have magically disappeared. At first, I thought blogger was having some internal issues, but after much googling, I realised I have accidentally deleted all my images from my account a couple of weeks ago.

Apparently I am not the only one, without giving us any warning, google has moved all images to the google+ account. And since my smart phone is linked to google, the image library in my phone was filled with images from my blog. Fearing that it will use up all my internal memory, I selected the delete all button, thinking all I was doing was tidying up my phone storage. Google gave me no warning that the images will disappear forever. 

After a mini breakdown, I am now in the process of re-uploading all my images, some of my photos are lost forever. I am tempted to move this whole blog to Wordpress which I've been told is much more stable. However, I really do not want to add any more stress to this situation. I apologise if you visit my blog and found that it is not looking the best. I will gradually put everything back in place. In the meantime, please be careful and do not delete anything from your google+ account!


  1. :( that really sucks :( after reading then I have emailed myself copies of my blog's HTML... incase anything like this happens or I lose my laptop.

  2. Awww... What a crappy situation. What I can say though is, wordpress make it incredibly quick and easy to shift your blog over. Good luck with it all.

  3. Thanks guys. I think once I have gathered all my images I will look at changing to Wordpress. I was reading this forum, and this girl has lost over 7 years of her blogging history because of this. I do hope google will fix this soon.


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