Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Illustration fancy: Choya Umeshu

Date acquired: May 2012
Emotional worth: 4 stars

I had my first taste of Umeshu (plume wine) at a tiny bar in Shimokitazawa in Tokyo. The bar itself was an accidental find, it fits no more than six people but had one of the biggest collection of liqueurs and spirits I have ever encountered. The wine was served on the rocks, the texture was surprisingly thick and it was like drinking honey with a hint of tartness.

Since then, I have had many not so great to awful Umeshu, but this bottle is definitely one of the best I've had. It has the same honey tartness as the one I tried in Japan and it even has four preserved plums inside for me to devour once it is finished. Drinking this brings back all the happy memories I had in Japan. I think an return trip will need to be organised in the near future.


  1. holy cow! talk about a small bar! i think i am going to have to seek out plum wine. wine hates me apparently but i tried a muscatel and loved it {probably because it tastes like candy more than wine} ;D

    1. I think you will like it, it taste nothing like wine. More like alcoholic honey :)


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