Friday, December 23, 2011

Exquisite fail

What is going on? Another fail by yours truly. Remember the beautiful package exchange I received from Leslie of  Little Letters ? Well this is what I made for Leslie in return, which (you are not going to believe) arrived smashed into little pieces... This is totally my fault, instead of wrapping it with bubble wrap which a normal person will do without question, I just packed the box really tight thinking that it will be ok. Mmmmm... not a smart move.

Well, Leslie if you are reading this, I can't say sorry enough. This is what you present should have looked like...


  1. ooooh, that's too bad. it was such a pretty package :(

  2. Ooh hey...noooo not an epic fail at all! It was great and no problem about the unfortunate breakage - these things happen. I loved what you sent! Ooh I have my other half making me a wooden frame so I can put the tea towel up on the wall.

  3. That's very nice of your better half. I'm glad that tea towel has found a super nice owner.


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